2015 Stasis Chardonnay 750mL


A story of balance. Lush in texture, prime fruit ripeness, a touch of minerality, all balanced in both weight and acidity. Original engraving by John Boydell, 1786, depicting Romeo joining Juliet in eternity.
Tasting Notes

Fruit notes of young apple and lemon curd pair with subtleties of white citrus flower, baked shortbread and cream friaché. Classic Chardonnay flavors of lemon zest, pear, blanched almonds and lightly toasted oak rounds out the flavor profile. The generous mouthfeel develops nicely across the palate with richness that both, rounds out the finish and complements the wines balanced acidity.

Vineyard: Murmur Vineyard

South facing sand slope, weathers 25 degree diurnal shifts, snow dustings, summer sun and bitter winds. Borders the most South western portion of Santa Maria AVA, 12 miles from the Pacific Ocean. Dynamic varieties, clones, rootstock and innovative farming.

Varietal: Chardonnay
Vintage: 2015
Appellation: Santa Maria Valley
Vineyard: Murmur Vineyard
PH: 3.40
Alcohol: 14.40%
Volume: 750 mL

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